The New Millionaire’s Mindset = Possibility

What is the difference between a real carpenter and a sham one?

This was the question on a Korean (I think it was Korean) movie that my wife saw.  The name of the movie is “A Moment to Remember.”  An aspiring architect, currently working as a carpenter, fell in-love with a designer and was now sitting with her father.  The father shows him a picture of J*s*s on the wall, then… well, let’s read it together.

Did you know Jesus was a carpenter?

A carpenter is a holy vocation.

What’s the difference between a real carpenter and a sham one?

Go to a shop and see many.  They [shams] all complain about the wood.  The real carpenter sees the texture.

What’s the texture?


The texture gets you anything.  A real carpenter can see that.”

I think that is powerful.  The father adds,

 It’s the same with you.  You’re all wrong, but there’s texture.

This is so powerful.  This is so God to make Himself known as He who looks beyond our faults and sees our needs.  The One who is not taken back or at a lost with our shortcomings, but instead lets us know that when we are weak, then He is strong.

So what does this have to do with the new millionaire’s mindset?  I think you already know.  I think you see what I see.

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It worked for Walt

So many of you know how I share from my influential time with my son.  Well there’s this movie – “Meet The Robinsons” – that was quite brilliant and I’m sure it’s definitely impacted the thoughts, and subsequently, the lives of adults and children.  The quote that was carried throughout the movie was –

Keep Moving Forward

Yeah, you know it.  Have you read/heard the full quote?  As you see, you can check it out below.

walt disney - keep mvng fwd quote

Cool right?!  So if it worked for Walt then let’s take this journey,  leading us to our dreams and goals.  This happens when we:

Think differently.  React differently.

 Many of you are here now because of curiosity.  Not only so, but many of us refuse to settle because of that same curiosity.  Curious about what life is like on the other side.  Curious about tomorrow.  Curious about what makes the rich and/or wealthy ‘better’ than those who are not, as yet.  Well here’s a secret for you:


Seems simple, right?  Well follow me because it’s more involved than you think. Just as homicide is the death of an individual and pesticide is the death of pest and so forth,  I found out, that DECIDE means – to put to death any other options.   This is what separates successful people (no matter how much they currently make) from those who just don’t get it.

So the other day I was talking to a gentleman who’s the owner of his own construction company.  He told me that he got started after quitting his job.  Get this, he quit because he wanted a $50 raise and was denied.  He thought to himself, if he is not worth $50 than he is in the wrong place.  It’s been over 64 yrs and he is now a millionaire with a legacy he has established for his children who can now run the business for him, if he didn’t still believe in working hard no matter the age.

Now I know some of us have been in the position of feeling like we were worth more than what someone was willing to pay us.  We’ve pondered the thought of doing something else (quitting, finding another job, starting a business, taking a trip, etc) and maybe even went so far as to write up a plan or goal-map.  What happened?  We stayed pondering and failed to decide because of the agonizing ‘What Ifs?’ and only saw it as it related to the negatives.  In other words, fear took up residence in our hearts and minds and kept us from moving forward by putting death to our hopes and the possibilities of tomorrow and the involved yet successful journey to life on the other side.  The other side of what?  The other side of fear, doubt, feeling helpless, having not enough, having just enough, and so forth.

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Faith substantiates ones hope but if there’s no hope, there’s nothing for faith to validate.  Trying to prove your new invention or idea is not crap, while yet feeling that way inside, is not going to get anyone to believe – not even you.

Think -have no money, Say -have no money, Result -have no money. This becomes a cycle.

Be inspired to think like a millionaire.  Think like where you want to go as opposed to where you are. Stop with the defeated thinking.  Turn negatives into positives: What if it works? What if I get the loan?  What if my child goes from a C+ average to an A+?  What if I become the next example of success for my children/family/community/world?  What if…?

keep moving fwd -mtr movieAlso, stop looking back.  Whatever didn’t work before should be analyzed for your next move forward and that’s it.  No more attention or power should be given to it.  If you decide to step out…as Nike said, Just Do It!  Do what?

Keep Moving Forward.  

It worked for Walt.


Think forward

Sometimes the best direction is UP.

Have you been trying to establish a business or get a promotion or just get ahead somehow?

I know I have.  Could the hold up have been our train of thought? …Or the fact that things didn’t go well for us before – whether you were let down by yourself or others – and the disappointment is still plaguing us?  Whatever was done, or experienced, in the past was then. 

Now be catapulted to a new mindset.

I’m reminded of something my wife says to our son when he walks forward and looks backwards – “You can’t successfully walk forward looking backwards.”  Besides, it’s not only hurting your neck, but, the possibilities of negatives are many:

  • (comically) you could step in something unpleasant
  • you could trip on… Anything
  • bumping into another person is possible
  • falling into a ditch
  • get hit by a car…

WHOA!!!  So dismal, right.  I know..  Yet , isn’t that how life seems and feels at times.  Yeah!

When we’re on the move in life (you know, mundane survival) but our thoughts are chained to yester -day/year, it’s almost impossible for us to expect to have ,  WELL! Being inspired by my son and his dealings, again, I want to share a movie line from The Incredibles, by Edna:

I never look back darling, it distracts from the now.

Isn’t that cool.  I thought so, which is why I shared it. 🙂  🙂  But really – What could possibly be back there, that is worth more attention then what’s here, now, and that which is to come.   If everything starts with intention, then intend to live life moving forward.  And the only way for that to happen is by thinking forward.  As stated, It’s all in your head.  That’s where the battle is won or lost.  In the head!  Command central.

I mean, let’s think about.  The Central Nervous System is comprised of the brain and the spinal cord.  If our head/thoughts are in turmoil, then we’re certain to have nervous break-downs.  And when thoughts are entertained they send signals throughout our body.  So…

Think differently.  Have a better Outcome.  What Outcome?  The desired one.

You know, I planned on going a different way but it’s quite possible that this was needful.  You see, a lot of people want to get ahead but without the daily nurturing of the psyche.  That’s good.  There is a hearty-head needed.  Let’s not forget that the bible says,

As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

We will be covering many things along our Millionaire journey.  I welcome you to come along with me.  And, feel free to share some things with me.  We’re in it together.

Thanks y’all