If I’m gonna do it…

…I better do it right

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Go ahead. Try it.

You like that?! Here’s another

Please don’t go on any reality shows saying you had music lessons. This was for fun but you need more before you possibly embarrass yourself people. lol. Respect the music. And just because I saw it and thought it was cute here’s one last vid




Took a walk to the store this morning, despite the rain, and in so doing realized just how pleasant it is. The rain was light and the mood was right. Walking of itself is something I enjoy; it’s my go to for exercise (me no run).
As I started walking, I began looking for earthworms on the ground. It wasn’t long before I saw one about 3-4 inches long drinking up the water flowing down to hill. That may not be so interesting to you but for some reason it is to me.
But one of the things I do often is walk with a song. The more I was out there the more inspired I felt – the song became a message; from message to concert; from concert to…

Okay, pause, looking for some snacks. Be right back…

Alright, I’m good, back up the hill in the rain and in the moment.

I couldn’t help but feel how beautiful the weather is and feels. Without fail the thought was to share my moment with you all.

You know, we can look at things around us and find negatives. It’s actually the most accessible place to those that have not conditioned themselves differently. This applies to family, self, our finances, our world and more.

Let’s take 20 minutes, every hour of every day, to condition ourselves to see the beauty in something we would otherwise find to be contemptuous. Not only so, but rather than looking at the problem see the solution that is usually there. It’s conditioning and it’s life changing. We can see the rain and consider the mud, or we can see the flowers the bloom as a result of. I love it. I’m inspired just thinking about. Well I guess I should be, since I’m the one writing about it. Maybe you’ll understand it better if you had my experience, eventhough there’s so much more I could say.

But go ‘head–Take a walk in the Inspirain.

Know where you’ve been to know or get or…whatever

Know where you’ve been to know or get or…whatever

One of the things that’s a hit or miss, is reflecting on the past. You ever looked at your current circumstances and say, “Dag, how did I get here?” One of the questions people ask…still, “What did you want to be when you grew up?”  Really? Does that even matter?  Look at me now and see who I am, cause going back, for my future…Nah. 

I always feel like I should be further than where I am.  It’s funny too, because other’s look at me and think I’ve got it made.  They have no idea the struggle, the stress, the will-power.  I smile to keep from laughing.  Yeah I said it right.  Cause if I laugh, I’ll activate too many nerves and ducts and stuff and break down before their eyes.  So you hear me chuckle and you think I’m funny.  I heard a comedian talk about having a third eye perspective on things/life  and telling jokes is the oxymoron of it all.  Telling jokes while feeling like one; the wisest fool if there ever was one.  High school drop-outs with a seven-figure income; college grads just tryin’ to get some. Help! get some Help! need some Help! want some…Help! if you please.  Hustlin’, tusslin’, running with the best of ’em.  But best is not enough.  At least not mine.

It’s amazing how many people are struggling around us.  Even the man in a three-piece suit (whether fellow commuter or one of the partners in our company) could be one paycheck from poverty or one discouraging thought away from walking into oncoming traffic.  Sometimes we want to start over in life and other times we just try to keep moving forward.  Whether you’re looking back or looking ahead, do it with a new mind.  Get it right in your head.  You ever spoke positive audibly and simultaneously an inward voice was just as loud speaking in jest, negating what you’re trying to confess.  Yeah, I’ve been there and still growing from there.  I’m learning that it’s not enough to speak so others hear, but hear so others speak.  Those other voices, that is: mama’s and papa’s and friends are there too; voices of self –What is the voice of you?  Voices of good and bad, voices of wealth.  Voices that give life or combat good health.   There are voices of wisdom and knowledge and truth, voices of anger, denial and lies too.  I mentioned some voices that can fall on either side because they all need to hear. Whatever you feed will develop and grow.  Whatever you starve will weaken till it’s killed with ease.

Start with this weekend than progress to a week, and so on from there of voices to starve vs. feed. So by the next time someone asks, “As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? How close or far are you from that vision?”, you’ll have matured to a place that have or have not, you’re content–not with mediocrity, with living.

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