So Picky!

My son is often given oatmeal for breakfast during the colder months. My wife will sometimes buy the variety instant packs for a quick make and eat and go.

Flavors: maple & brown sugar; cinnamon & spice; apple &cinnamon

Well apparently my son does not like cinnamon. He’s always been particular about foods. He’s double-digits now but when he was younger, he wouldn’t eat chocolate, popcorn, and more. He won’t eat cake that doesn’t have vanilla icing/frosting; and then still he eats the frosting not the cake/sponge part, but will tell you that the cake was delicious. lol.

As you can see in the pic, there are three flavors in the variety pack. The only one he doesn’t eat is the apple and cinnamon. Did I mention that he loves fruit. He will request a snack and when offered “junk” food, will say no he wants fruit. At 2 yrs he wouldn’t put down his apple to take photos.

 So I know, you’re probably thinking you know what he doesn’t like from that flavored oatmeal pack. Ha-ha.

Well let me share this. My son has moments when he wants cereal. Not with milk. We’ll get the individual portion so he can enjoy it as a snack. His fav is the Cinnamon toast crunch. Yep.

Image result for cinnamon toast crunch

He also eats cinnamon french toast sticks. Loves those.

So what’s the big deal.

He does’t like CINNAMON. He doesn’t like apple either anymore – so He says. So he won’t eat that flavored  packet because there’s cinnamon and apple. Guess what he will eat?

Go ‘head….

Cause you already know!

He still likes getting McD’s Happy Meals and for the “side” he gets the…, you know. Not the yogurt; doesn’t like that.

He GETS THE APPLE SLICES. He eats the french fries first. Licks up any remaining sweet ‘n sour sauce from the packet that wasn’t used with the fries. Yep. Eats the fries and then the apple slices. Has to be reminded of the nuggets.

So yeah. He eats the Maple and Brown Sugar packs. He eats the Cinnamon and Spice packs.  He eats the Cinnamon French Toast Sticks.

But he doesn’t eat apples and he doesn’t eat cinnamon, so he says.

What am I missing?

And JUST before I go. I think it’s important to not leave…without sharing…

…he, who loves ketchup to the point of putting it on corn-on-the-cob and HE who loves tacos with the fixings…

does NOT, he says, like TOMATOES!

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Gotta love him. Sure do.