Day’s review

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It was a good day;
That’s my review;
It was a great day;
A joyous day;
I want it again;
Not that all was
No day is perfect;
But it was as good
As it was,
It was a joyous day;
I thank God for
The day;
It was a good day.

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It’s Your Choice


So at work today, I was feeling chipper as usual. I saw a co-worker and asked him, “Are you having fun?” He laughed and told me that I have a funny/weird sense of fun. My response to him was


LOL, no it wasn’t, LOL

“Well they’ve said–Whistle while you work and Sing in the rain. If people can do that, then…”

He smiled and chuckled.

Look, every part of life is about choices.  We can choose the positive or the negative. We can choose the high or the low. We can choose the smile or the frown. We can choose life or we can choose death. We can choose to make a blog entry or not.

You know what? I heard/read somewhere that the average person (adult) makes about 35,000 decisions a day…


…Children, about 3,000.  Of that 35,000, about 200 of those decisions are about food.

LOL, We are so greedy. I think mine should be 500. LOL

It seems unreal. Yeah, Crazy! We’re making judgment calls in our sleep. Yes, half sleep thinking –

Do I wanna get up now? Do I even wanna go to work? Is it raining?

I kind-of got side tracked.  But Why do we decide to be grumpy? Why do we quickly complain?

Let’s talk work/job/career:

It’s actually useless to complain about a job that you can leave, simply by making the choice to apply someplace else. If you’re there, why not have a good attitude. Though you may feel like a slave, you gave yourself to this place on the basis that you will be paid to do so. Are you getting paid? So stop griping and start whistling. I, unfortunately cannot whistle well, at all, but it’s highly likely to see me mouthing lyrics or snapping my fingers or bopping my head to something other than what may be playing around me.

It has been said by professionals –

If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

What Do You Love To Do?

Go Pursue It?

Stop being miserable.

Sing.                  Whistle.                Smile.              Live.                     Laugh.                  Love God.

That’s a Millionaire’s Mindset.


I was just scrolling through my fellow writers’  works and saw this. Had to reblog

It Was A Good Day.