Supply or Demand

So I’m gonna keep it short and thought provoking.

People often talk about the terms Supply AND Demand. Yet the thought that crosses my mind is that of:

Would I prefer to have the SUPPLY or meet the DEMAND?

Now some may not get it but it’s like this. If you have hundreds of crocheted hats and nobody is interested, you have stuff around the house.

Image result for too much stuff But if you have people that are interested in wearing and displaying and showcasing and Buying these hats…

Well, now you have a DEMAND to meet. Image result for in demand

So do I rather deal with the pressure of having the stuff in the hopes that…

Or do I want to have the pressure of a demand placed on me, which requires more from me.

Okay Christians, this is for you. Do you prefer to walk around with the weight of knowing scriptures, having a relative theory on prayer, etc (also known as STUFF/SUPPLY) or can a DEMAND be put on you to walk the walk in and out of season and let this world know that Jesus Lives and that He’s coming soon.

Nobody expected me to turn this corner and pop up on this side of the conversation.

Yeah, I know.

I prefer it that way.

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