Think forward

Sometimes the best direction is UP.

Have you been trying to establish a business or get a promotion or just get ahead somehow?

I know I have.  Could the hold up have been our train of thought? …Or the fact that things didn’t go well for us before – whether you were let down by yourself or others – and the disappointment is still plaguing us?  Whatever was done, or experienced, in the past was then. 

Now be catapulted to a new mindset.

I’m reminded of something my wife says to our son when he walks forward and looks backwards – “You can’t successfully walk forward looking backwards.”  Besides, it’s not only hurting your neck, but, the possibilities of negatives are many:

  • (comically) you could step in something unpleasant
  • you could trip on… Anything
  • bumping into another person is possible
  • falling into a ditch
  • get hit by a car…

WHOA!!!  So dismal, right.  I know..  Yet , isn’t that how life seems and feels at times.  Yeah!

When we’re on the move in life (you know, mundane survival) but our thoughts are chained to yester -day/year, it’s almost impossible for us to expect to have ,  WELL! Being inspired by my son and his dealings, again, I want to share a movie line from The Incredibles, by Edna:

I never look back darling, it distracts from the now.

Isn’t that cool.  I thought so, which is why I shared it. 🙂  🙂  But really – What could possibly be back there, that is worth more attention then what’s here, now, and that which is to come.   If everything starts with intention, then intend to live life moving forward.  And the only way for that to happen is by thinking forward.  As stated, It’s all in your head.  That’s where the battle is won or lost.  In the head!  Command central.

I mean, let’s think about.  The Central Nervous System is comprised of the brain and the spinal cord.  If our head/thoughts are in turmoil, then we’re certain to have nervous break-downs.  And when thoughts are entertained they send signals throughout our body.  So…

Think differently.  Have a better Outcome.  What Outcome?  The desired one.

You know, I planned on going a different way but it’s quite possible that this was needful.  You see, a lot of people want to get ahead but without the daily nurturing of the psyche.  That’s good.  There is a hearty-head needed.  Let’s not forget that the bible says,

As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

We will be covering many things along our Millionaire journey.  I welcome you to come along with me.  And, feel free to share some things with me.  We’re in it together.

Thanks y’all



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